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Tech aero ultra ibec for petrol planes
Expires 23-Jul-2018 10:43:37 PM
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Brand new tech-aero ultra ibec unit. This is a regulated, triple filtered and optically isolated, ultra ibec ignition battery eliminator circuit device that plugs directly into an auxilliary channel in your rx, eliminatiing the requirement for a seperate ignition battery and switch unit, which in turn not only reduces weight on the aircraft, saves charging an extra battery for the ignition and also reduces the points of failure to the power feed for the ignition unit. There are three wires from the device, the thick multi colour (yellow, red and black) wire goes straight into your rx on a spare channel (this is used as power feed to the unit and the ignition power switch too), one black and red wire has the led attached to the end of it so that when the ignition is on, you can clearly see by means of this led and thirdly, the other black and red wire goes straight to your ignition power input. This is a dead easy unit to set up and using the included instructions you can move the jumper connectors to allow an output variation of either 5v, 5.3v, 6.1v or 6.6v. £45 posted.
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